La Strada Wood Fired Pizza will provide the following for your private party: 4 hours of unlimited pizza and mixed green salad. All ingredients are sourced locally and each event is tailored to meet your needs.


  • $25 per person
  • Minimum charge is $1,250.00 (50 people)
  • There is a $3.00 charge per mile roundtrip from our location. We will base the mileage off of Google Maps
  • Plus tax in the state where your event will be held

We ask for a deposit of $250 to secure your date. Your deposit is non-refundable if you cancel less than 30 days prior to the event, as we are holding that date from other potential events. Of course, there is a full refund if severe weather cancels your event and we are unable to find a rain date.  We will ask for 50% of the cost 10 days prior to event. At this time we will also ask you for a final headcount as we need to put our farm orders in well ahead of time. On the day of the event we ask for the remaining balance, less the $250.00 deposit, before we set up.

Large Parties

We suggest once you hit 100 guests you should also consider other food as well. We cook 2 pizzas at a time and each pizza takes about 1.5 minutes so lines are inevitable in the beginning. We generally make a wide selection of different pies to get things started and then take special requests.

Parking/Set up

We use a large pickup truck to pull our oven so where you would like us to set up can definitely vary, however we ask that the area is as flat as possible. It helps that our pizza makers have a relatively level surface to work on. If you would like us to set up on grass, such as in your back yard, please be aware that we will leave some tire marks as our oven is over 3,500 pounds. It's also best to avoid any water pipes, septic tanks etc. to be on the safe side. We will come out to your selected site prior to the event so we can take a look at things and discuss your best options. 

Below is our sample menu of specialties. We are always adding to the menu as time goes on and we discover amazing new combinations!

Star Come to Jesus Sun Dried Tomato Pesto + Sun Dried Tomatoes + Feta Cheese + Caramelized Vidallia Onions + Garlic + Coarse Black Pepper
Star Jennyooooo Fresh Spinach + Yellow Roasted Tomatoes + Red Onion + Mozzarella + Garlic
Star Whiz Bang Basil Pesto + Yellow Roasted Tomatoes + Feta Cheese
Star Billy Lightening Caramelized Vidallia Onions + Garlic + Ricotta + Feta + Coarse Black Pepper
Star Margherita Fresh Mozzarella + San Marzano Tomatoes + Fresh Basil
Star Pepperoni Hand-cut Pepperoni + Fresh Mozzarella + San Marzano Tomatoes
Star The Bunky Baby Spinach + Coarse Black Pepper + Feta + Prosciutto + Lemon Juice

Of course we do other variations and take any special requests as long as we have the ingredients. You can also call ahead if you have requests such as gluten free crusts etc.  Also, depending what looks good at the farm that day, we'll pick up other produce that looks amazing, as well as use the seasonal veggies.

Final Note
We are big proponents of supporting our community, so all our produce is locally grown and our cheeses are from Narragansett Creamery. Our dough is what really set us apart! It's been passed down from generation to generation. We use an old Bronx family recipe since the 1930s. We have fine-tuned the dough especially for the wood fired oven and there is nothing else like it.

Thank you for your interest in La Strada Wood Fired Pizza, we look forward to serving you our finest pizza!!

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